I read many books. Some of them are really interesting, some I don't even finish. This page is dedicated to the books that I read. A great way to understand the content of a book is by summarizing and reviewing it. I share my views, summaries and notes on books on this page.

Pronoia - Rob Brezsny

pronoia cover image

This one's a little different from what I usually read, but it has had a great influence on my life. I'm a bit of a shy kid, sometimes a little too depressed, used to be one of the most optimistic people out there. This book offers the perspective of the most insanely optimistic person I've ever seen. Thanks to this book I can find joy in tiny tiny things, even when my depression is hurting me bad. It's definitely not for everyone, but for those out there who're just a little crazy, like me, or like Rob Brezsny himself, give this beast of a book a swing.

Visual intelligence - Amy Herman

visual intelligence cover image

Not many books literally change the way you view the world. Amy Herman forces you to look at a single thing, analyzing until you've exhausted all information there is to find. That is, except for the fact that she showed me brutally well how little I'm actually seeing. This book taught me what "a picture is worth a thousand words" actually means.

By analyzing pieces of art, she taught me how to truly look at things, anything. Really changed the way I perceive the world, I'm more alert, a lot more curious, and it showed me that traditional art can be a lot of fun to look at.