Tired of seeing "what's that song?" in your stream chat?

SMG music display enables you to display your music titles on your stream. By actively reading from music players like Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud, SMG writes song titles into a text file, which can be read by programs like Open Broadcaster Service and XSplit to be displayed on your stream. Thanks to an ongoing development for over two years, SMG has become the most reliable music retrieval program out there.



Simple installation

SMG is a small and completely self-contained application. Just extract the zip file and you're ready to go!

Help straight from the developer

Your music player is not supported? SMG is crashing? Need an extra feature? No problem, contact support and your issue will be resolved quickly!

Supports your favorite music player

SMG has been in development for over two years, thanks to this it supports a huge library of music players, amongst others; Spotify, YouTube, pandora.fm and iTunes

Music players


SMG was built with streamers in mind, so we added support for bots like nightbot, nerdbot and phantombot.

Browser plugin

Thanks to the smg-web browser plugin, SMG is able to support music players like pandora.fm, Plug.dj, soundcloud and google play. Visit the page for more info

33 Supported music players

Before you buy, check if your prefered music player is supported, this is the complete list. If it's not in here, let us know and we'll do our best to add support!

Spotify, VLC media player, Soundcloud, Foobar2000, Pandora, iTunes, YouTube, Winamp, 8tracks, Zaycev, Plug.dj, Jriver media center, Osu!, Deezer, Media Monkey, Aimp3, Google Play, Musicbee, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, Rdio, MixCloud, VK.com, Clementine, dubtrack.fm, Last.fm, Nightbot song requests, music.microsoft.com, nerdbot song requests, phantombot song requests, hypemachine, melon player 4, amazon music and tidal


An image showing SMG working with Spotify, showing the song never gonna give you up by Rick Astley A picture showing groovemarklet working with digitally imported.fm An image showing SMG's output editing options


Contact us at smg@martijnbrekelmans.com


Do I need to pay for updates?
No, your license is yours for a lifetime!

My music player isn't supported, what do I do?
Send us an email, smg@martijnbrekelmans.com.

What do I get when I purchase SMG?
You will receive a personal license that can be used to activate SMG.

Am I allowed to share my license?
No, but we trust you not to abuse your license.

Am I allowed to use my license across my own computers?
Yes, you are allowed to use your license across multiple pc's and laptops.

SMG is not working well, how do I fix this?
Delete the config folder, and see if the problem persists. Otherwise, send us an email, smg@martijnbrekelmans.com. Please attach a screenshot of your problem.

What are the system requirements for SMG?
SMG works on all recent versions of windows, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Where can I download SMG?
You receive the download link after you've paid. Otherwise, you can click this link to download smg.