Foobar2000 is a well-known and free desktop music player application. It's loved for its customizability, while remaining easy and intuitive to use.

Setting up SMG with Foobar2000

SMG supports Foobar2000 out-of-the-box. All you have to do is start SMG and Foobar2000, select "foobar" in SMG, and press start.

"No song currently playing"

Despite SMG supporting Foobar2000, SMG relies on Foobar2000 being configured in a specific way. Installing plugins or themes, may change Foobar's settings without you knowing about it. Follow these steps to configure Foobar correctly for use with SMG:

Using ColumnsUI?

If you're using ColumnsUI, you need to go to

file > preferences > click the arrow left of "Display" in the menu > Colums UI > Main Window Title Text
and paste in the following text:

[%album artist% - ]['['%album%[ CD%discnumber%][ #%tracknumber%]']' ]%title%[ '//' %track artist%]$if(%_isplaying%, ' - foobar2000', ' ')
An image showing the correct Foobar2000 ColumnsUI configuration

Using vanilla Foobar2000?

If you haven't installed a fancy Foobar2000 theme, follow the following steps

file > preferences > click the arrow to the left of "Display" in the menu > Default User Interface > Window title
Paste the following text into the "Window title" field:

[%artist% - ]['['%album%[ CD%discnumber%][ #%tracknumber%]']' ]%title%
An image showing the correct Foobar2000 vanilla configuration

Still not working?

If you've set Foobar2000 up correctly, and SMG is still not picking up the song info, delete the SMG/config folder, and otherwise contact support.