v2.27 to v2.29

Added customizable HTML music-player widgets for use in OBS, Streamlabs, etc...

Fixed a rare minimization bug

Made headers in the player select dropdown unselectable to prevent confusion

Added support for Media Monkey 5


Fixed flickering when both YouTube and YouTube music were open

Made options screen a lot cleaner and added 'show no text' and 'reset to default' options to the no song playing setting

Fixed a bug where the icon in the system tray would hang around even after SMG was closed

Changing any output options automatically get refreshed all throughout the UI (you don't need to press stop/start anymore to see the changes to your edit output options for example)

Added support for EpidemicSound

Added support for SiriusXM

You can now customize SMG with .qml-based themes!

Config files are less prone to corruption, and will self-restore more reliably

Added meme options to decorate your output with


Added an option to the installer to let SMG start up together with Windows

Add support for Monstercat

Add support for Resonic Player

Resolve a bunch of issues involving Avast


Fix for MPC-HC

Fix for AIMP3, newer v4.5 layout wasn't supported. Works now!

Added target installation directory option to setup script

SMG will now automatically strip extensions from song names, ie no more .mp3, .flac, .mp4 etc


Fix for

Fix for certain soundcloud pages, where no artist would be shown

Add support for

Add support for Tunein radio

Add support for IHeartRadio

Add support for

Simplify Foobar2000 support by supporting ColumnsUI out-of-the-box

Fixed a bug where the edit output options weren't working

Added further output editing options; uppercase and lowercase

Greatly reduced resource usage for certain desktop music players (up to 10% cpu usage reduce, very significant fix!)

SMG now comes with a setup program


Fix for musicbee

Fix for VLC

Fix for Foobar2000

Fix for Winamp

Fix for Osu!

Added ability to blacklist text from unrelated programs

Added "Most Used" programs feature in player selection dropdown

Re-added support for (select YouTube in SMG)

Fix for soundcloud " - Undefined" text


Fixed support for Spotify since a small Spotify update around 1st of March 2018

Added support for VLC versions 3.0.0+

Show error message when Microsoft Visual C++ dependency is missing during installation

Improved logging messages


Added support for AIMP4

Added support for SoundCloud's newest layout

Added support for YouTube's experimental material layout

Remove confusing enable/disable music players option in options tab, alphabetized the music player select box instead

Reduce ways in which configuration can corrupt, and if it corrupts anyway, instead of letting SMG crash, it reverts to the default configuration

Added an option to minify SMG on startup

The real changes

The changes shown above don't really reflect the amount of effort that went into this release however. We've made deep structural changes to how SMG and the web extension communicate. Most of the interesting work on this release is in the updated web extension. However, because of what we changed, we've made it a lot easier to add the features that you guys have been requesting for a long time. Expect to see features that are more interesting to your streaming process after this update.

To expand on the updated web extension, we've made the whole process a lot more streamlined. Before, the extension was limited to a single tab, and stopped working sometimes when you switched focus to your game, this is not the case anymore. We've made many small changes to the web extension so that it works as you expect it to, without getting in your way.


Added support for Amazon music

Added support for the vivaldi browser

Added support for the melon 4 music player


Added support for nerdbot song requests

Added support for phantombot song requests

Added support for hypemachine online radio

Added suppot for tidal online radio

Added support for driveplayer online music player

Use the driveplayer by selecting `google play music` as your music player

Added feature to mininmize to system tray when clicking on minimize

Got rid of cluttering files in the SMG folder, there are only SMG-related files now.


Added support for the QQMusic website, Requires the groovemarklet

Added support for a tool that shuffles youtube playlists, Requires the groovemarklet

Note that this site is not listed as a separate entry in SMG. Select YouTube in SMG after you've started the groovemarklet on the site

Added support for Requires the groovemarklet


Fixed a crash that was introduced in v2.11


The ui will now properly resize with the smg window, window size will also persist through sessions now.

Added support for! I really like this radiostation, they've got good trance :)

Fixed a potential bug with SoundCloud.


Added support for (scrobbling to will be supported later)

Added support for nightbot song requests on


Added support for

Added support for

Feature - You can now add newlines using the edit title menu. use the <br> tag inside your options

For example, if you want to show


Instead of

darude - sandstorm

Type - into the replace field and type `<br>' into the with field.


Fix - Removed huge performance hog while using iTunes or jriver

Feature - Added log folder that can be used to diagnose problems

When you have problems with using smg, you can send along the files in the log folder via mail to help diagnose the issue.

Fix - Made YouTube more reliable

From this point on, YouTube will work with smg regardless of if you're using the groovemarklet or not. Before, it would only work /without/ the groovemarklet, which obviously caused confusion.


Fix - Musicbee works again

Fix - Fixed missing numbers issue for winamp

Feature - You can now configure smg's polling rate

The polling rate tells smg how often it should check for changes in songs. You can adjust this rate in config/config.ini. The rate defaults to once every 1.5 seconds. It was deliberately chosen not to include this in the graphical interface, as most people won't need to change this.


Fix - Fixed a potential crash at startup

Feature - Added an option to change the text when no song is playing

The default text "No song is currently playing" can now be changed. You can find it in the options menu.

Fix - Removed (broken) windows media player and Zune from the selection box for now.

Both Windows Media Player and Zune have never been supported well by smg at any point. Since they won't work, regardless of your configuration, I've removed them. I do have plans on supporting Windows Media Player again, even found a method that might just work this time.

New - Added support for music

New - Added support for clementine music player


Fix - Osu! actually works again!


Fix - Osu! works again

Change - updatable groovemarklet!

To receive groovemarklet updates, you need to redownload it! Mixcloud won't work without it!

New - mixcloud support

it requires you to replace your groovemarklet with the new one


Fix - SMG will write to current_song.txt again


Fix - Readded separator in vlc

Before fix: Sonata Arctica False News Travels Fast
After fix: Sonata Arctica - False News Travels Fast

Fix - Fixed support for Google Play Music

Google managed to break support for the Groovemarklet in a completely new and innovative way, thanks Google!
From now on, you won't need the groovemarklet anymore to get music from Google Play Music, SMG will do it directly.

Change - Incredibly exciting change

Made one of the random messages more readable by adding a newline.

Change and fix - Unifying Spotify

Remove Spotify after update and Spotify before update, unified them into "Spotify Desktop"
By this point, I'm assuming that people are using the latest version of Spotify.
If you're using the newest version of Spotify, you shouldn't run into any more problems.

Change - Album names will be hidden whenever possible from the SMG output.

Background: Considering the diversity of players that are supported, I had to make a decision about whether to show the album or not.
Some players show the album by default, most don't. Some don't support showing the album at all.
This makes features like toggling showing album or not very unreliable and extremely hard, if not impossible, to implement.
I have decided, because of these reasons, to simply try to hide album names whenever I can.


Fix - Spotify

Fixed Spotify not updating all the time. Spotify works very well now.